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Koo Self Defense
Created by martial arts instructor and expert Master Roger Koo, Koo Self Defense is an increasingly popular form of self-defense for men and women that are taught in martial arts studios and fitness centers. Its popularity stems from the not only the fitness demands but from the mixture of Hyper-Aerobics, Yoga and muscle power drills. Koo is an extremely high intensity workout that is akin to a program like P90X where you must work out every day to maintain your cardiovascular endurance and overall strength. The Koo Self Defense program is typically a successful one for athletes and those who have the will power and wherewithal to keep pushing no matter how hard the training is. Many individuals that have partaken in Koo Self Defense say that it is not only an extremely rewarding experience, but also one that puts them in the best shape of their lives and prepares them for any physical encounter while relaxing their mind at the same time.
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