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If you’ve ever noticed how similar netball is to basketball, this is largely because netball was derived from earlier forms of basketball. Netball involves two teams, a ball, and two baskets. As with basketball, the object of this game is to place the ball into an opponent’s net. Netball can be played by anyone, though women tend to play this sport more than men. Throughout the world, many female netball teams exist. These teams often play each other, and many people are fans of netball teams. If you’ve never seen a game of netball, you can look for a game in your area. Alternately, you can find a video of a netball game online. You’ll soon understand why this sport is so popular throughout the world.
We love netball and all that goes with it. That’s why we spend our days looking for information about netball. When we find interesting links that we think you’ll like, we place those links on our Netball Directory page. Here, you will discover plenty of information about this fascinating game. Our goal is to provide you with plenty of details about netball, so that you can get on with your research. We invite you to visit our directory page often, since we update our page regularly. When it comes to netball, we want to help you find what you’re looking for. Get out there, find a game, and get into the action of netball!

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