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Put your navigational skills to the test by trying your luck at orienteering. This sport originally began as a type of military training exercise. People who are great at orienteering are also great at navigating and at survival. Becoming involved in orienteering includes speaking with a local orienteering club. You can join these clubs in order to begin orienteering. When participating in this sport, you will be asked to find your way to a particular destination using a map and a compass. If you are the first to arrive at a destination, you will win a prize. In many ways, orienteering is a lot like camping. Only, people from all around the world participate in orienteering competitions. The goal is to find your way to a certain landmark with ease and efficiency.
You will find lots of online shops that sell orienteering goods. From maps to compasses and everything in-between, orienteering items can be easily discovered online. You can also take a few moments to look at our Orienteering Directory page. Our page is full of information that will help you towards any orienteering goal. We find the sport of orienteering fun and interesting, which is why we have taken the time to publish facts, information, and links about orienteering for you. Find what you want, purchase the items that you need, and start orienteering today. You may find that you have a real skill when it comes to locating a particular spot!
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