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Although paintball has only been a mainstream sport since the mid to late 1980s, it has grown to be extremely popular, especially in the last 15 years. No matter which corner of the world you may be in, you can likely find a faculty that offers paintball within 20 miles of your home or office. Paintball outings have even become a regular outing for men’s bachelor parties as they have one last hurrah with their friends before getting married. Paintball requires a paintball gun (or paintball marker) that uses gas to shoot the paintballs through the barrel of the gun. Technically all you need is a paintball gun, however facilities where you can play paintball as a game typically require you to wear masks as the paintballs (small capsules filled with food coloring and gelatin). Paintball now even has national tournaments and leagues where advanced players participate to win prizes and large sums of money. In this directory on paintball, you’ll find articles and websites from companies and organizations that are sure to interest paintballers of all levels. Whether you are a seasoned paintball warrior or a neophyte paintball beginner, our paintball directory should be your first stop for comprehensive information and resources for playing and appreciating the game. Bookmark this directory now so you have easy access to the latest and greatest paintball websites!

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