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Petanque is a popular sport throughout France. This sport is also popular throughout other parts of the world, though it often goes by different names according to region. Some people call this game “bowl,” while others call it “lawn bowling.” Petanque is a fun game to play if you enjoy getting together with other people outdoors. This game can be played on a stretch of green grass, though it is usually played on a dirt court. The great thing about this game is that anyone of any age can play it. All you really need to do is learn about the rules, grab a Petanque ball, and get together with people who like to play this game too. Within hours, you will learn how to play Petanque like a pro.
We like the game of Petanque. That’s why we spend hours looking for information about this game. When we find details about the game that we think you’ll enjoy, we post these details on our Petanque Directory page. Our goal is to create a complete Petanque Directory that you can use every time you need to learn something about this game. Whether you want new equipment or you want to find out who the best Petanque player in the world is, we hope that you will find our directory useful. There are lots of things to learn about Petanque. The question is: what do you want to find out about today? Come on back and check out our site every day for additional listings!
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