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Racquetball may not have the longevity of tennis or badminton but it certainly has become quite popular in certain circles since it was invented in 1950. The major difference between racquetball and the other sports that are played with a racquet and ball is that there is no net between opponents. Instead of having a net to hit the ball over, racquetball is played on a small court (typically indoor) where two players stand behind a service line and hit the ball against the front wall. The game is extremely face paced and provides a great cardio workout for those looking not only for competition but also for a way to burn a few extra calories. Racquetball has become extremely popular at fitness clubs in the United States and many clubs have as many as five courts within their walls. The popularity of the sport continues to grow thanks to its easy gameplay and minimal rules. Basically as long as you understand a few basic concepts you can become an expert in no time at all!

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