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Rope Skipping
How many sports do you know of that little girls and muscle-bound men participate in on a regular basis? The only one we know of is rope skipping, or as some of you may know it, jumping rope. This simple sport is fun, great for exercise and easy to play since the only item required, other than you of course, is a rope with two handles that can be purchased for less than $10. Once you are armed with your new jump rope you can begin rope skipping by yourself or with multiple friends. Your friends will need to bring their own jump ropes as well, but if they do, you can all partake in group games like Double Dutch and start chanting jump-rope rhymes. Skipping rope is also a major form of exercise and a muscle refinement exercise used by body builders, boxers, wrestlers and other muscle-bound athletes looking to get trim and fit. The great thing about rope skipping for adults or children is that it is an aerobic workout that helps you with your coordination as it builds your arm, shoulders and calve muscles.

In our directory on rope skipping we will offer up information, websites and resources on different types of jump ropes as well as many different rope skipping activities that can be performed. If you enjoy skipping rope, or if you’re considering getting into jumping rope, then look no further than our directory.

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