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Skating takes many different forms in the sports world and all can be considered fun and competitive at the same time. While kids are learning how to roller-skate, rollerblade or ice skate at a local rink, teenagers and adults are competing in those same activities but in a more organized way. Skating is either a portion or all of a ton of sports including hockey, figure skating, speed skating, inline skating, skateboarding and many more. The most famous sport that incorporates skating is the National Hockey League (NHL). The NHL is based in the United States and Canada and uses ice hockey to entertain millions of fans each year. The sport is global as well as ice hockey is part of the winter Olympics and much of the NHL is comprised of players from all across the world. Skating is also extremely popular because it can be done outdoors for only the cost of the skates. Our directory on skating as a sport is a portal to quality websites that delve into more detail about skating sports. We will also have links that will provide you with useful and pertinent information on each of the skating-centric. Our directory on skating is here to provide you with the resources needed to understand why skating has been such a popular form of exercise and sport for such a long time.

Whether you’re a skating beginner or an Olympic pro, our Skating directory has information that will pique your curiosity and keep you coming back. Bookmark this page now so you don’t miss a thing!
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