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Squash has been beloved by many since the early 12th century. No, not squash the vegetable – squash the sport. Squash may look a little like tennis and a little like badminton and for good reason. The sport is basically a mix-and-match game comprised of many other sports that involve small balls, a court and a racquet. In the 21st Century you can now find squash being played at many local gyms and athletic facilities around the world. The game is fun, easy to understand and can be played by children, teenagers, adults and seniors. It is even easier to pick up if you have any type of background in tennis, as you will immediately understand terminology like volley, lob, drop shot, kill and many others. The game has become popular enough globally that a World Squash Federation (WSF), Professional Squash Association (PSA) and Women’s International Squash Players Association (WISPA) have all been created to govern the sport.

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