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Team Handball
Sort of a mix between baseball, football and field hockey, handball is an extremely popular team sport played around the world in many powerful nations. There are a few variations of handball including team handball, European handball and Olympic handball, each of which is comprised of the same overarching strategy but with a few varying rules and regulations. The game itself has been around since the 19th century but has been modified slightly many times prior to become a fixture at the Summer Olympics in 1936. Many people enjoy watching and playing handball thanks to its physical nature, fast pace and onslaught of scoring and scoring opportunities. Today the game is mainly played indoors with a team of seven on each side. All you technically need to play is a handball and a goal on each side. To play an official game, however, you will need to be in an indoor facility that is approved by the International Handball Federation (IHF).
Want to dive much deeper into everything mentioned above and will even tackle things like the history of the game, offensive and defensive styles of play and the types of throws you need to learn including throw-off, throw-in, goalkeeper-throw, free-throw and 7-meter throw? Before you begin searching the web and clicking links blindly, check out our resources. All the websites in our Team Handball directory have been reviewed by our editorial team and have been confirmed as relevant to the game of Team Handball.
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