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Walking is a basic human function. Yet, walking is also a sport. Many people participate in the sport of walking. Just like running, walkers walk for miles and miles. Most people who actively walk begin slowly. After walking for a few minutes each day, walkers build up this time until they have walked for miles. If you want to learn how to walk as an athlete, the best way to gain experience is to join a walking group. Many sports stores throughout the world offer basic walking courses. When you sign up for these classes, you can meet other walkers, and spend a little bit of time every week walking for fun and exercise. Walking is not only a great way to get outdoors, but many calories can be burned while vigorously walking each day.
You may not think that you need to learn how to walk (after all, this is a skill that most people learn during formative years). However, athletic walking is not the same as walking casually. When you join a walking group, you’ll quickly find out that walking at a fast pace is tough! Don’t be surprised if you lose your breath quickly your first time around! We know that walking can be a great sport. That’s why we gather and post information about walking on our Walking Directory page. We want you to use our page as a starting off point to find walking gear, a walking group, or anything else related to walking. If you’re dying to start some sort of exercise routine, take the time to try walking. You may find that walking is the perfect activity for you!
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