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Energy Efficiency
Thermodynamic Air | Air Conditioning Spring Texas
Thermodynamic Air LLC is a Texas HVAC repair company that places a high priority on your comfort. With over 15 years of experience in heating, ventilation and air conditioning service in the Houston area and beyond, Thermodynamic`s team of highly trained and certified staff are committed to bringing the best solutions for indoor climates in residential and commercial buildings. Thermodynamic Air seeks to reverse the trend of mis-sized heating and cooling systems in the Houston area by installing the most reliable, affordable and efficient units the first time. From installation and servicing to tune-ups and repairs, Thermodynamic Air is here for your comfort. more info >>
U Save On Electric - Power-Save 1200
With global warming becoming more of a problem, electric bills seem to increase every year. That is where our site comes into play. At U Save on Electric, we offer the Power Save 1200, 3200, & 3400. This simple and easy to install box goes right next to your breaker panel. What does our system do you ask? Great question. The Power Save box helps to regulate volts that come into and through the facility you are powering. When power is needed from inside it gets it from a transformer somewhere outside. When this happens a slight power surge is produced thus heating up wires and appliances inside, costing you more money. Our box helps to regulate this stream of power when it enters the breaker. The Power Save Box also acts as a surge protector eliminating your need for expensive surge protectors. Start saving hundreds of dollars on your electric bills and visit our site. more info >>
Magnetic Generator
A magnetic generator is a device that permits us to enjoy free electricity to power our house. It has only a minor disadvantage and that is the room it takes from our home in order to install the generator. Apart from this small handicap, the other facets are beneficial, because the material to fabricate and implement a magnetic generator in our home is not excessively expensive and can simply be found in a hardware store in our city or town; the system does not bring forth any contaminating by-product and, first and foremost, we get totally free energy. It is therefore a very valid and valuable alternative energy resource that we should take into account if we want to take to clean and non-polluting energy. more info >>
Home Solar Energy System
This site deals with the different Green Energy sources available in these times. One of the best ways to get this kind of energy is a Solar Energy System. A Home Solar Energy System is a very valid resource and consists of a set of solar panels that receive the energy of our sun and, with the necessary tools and equipment, translate it into electricity to power our home. The advantages of an alternative, clean and renewable energy are clear, principally because the obtained energy is completely free and does not pollute the environment. However, the price for all the elements constituent of a home solar system is not cheap at all. Therefore, one alternative is building a DIY home solar energy system little by little. more info >>
Nrgreen UK
Offering cavity wall and loft insulation and solar energy systems to all households in Norfolk. Government grants for insulation are still available in Norfolk. If you are aged 70 or receive certain benefits you are entitled to have your home insulated completely free. All other households are entitled to a 70% grant which means you can have your home insulated for a fraction of the cost, from as little as £99 subject to survey. All cavity wall insulations come with a 25 year CIGA guarantee (cavity insulation guarantee agency). Go to our website for more information and to book a free survey and help reduce your carbon footprint. Feed in tarriffs available for solar pv systems go to website for more information. more info >>
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