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Sometimes making improvements to your home can be as simple as purchasing new furniture. By simple we mean that there is no restoration, destruction or installation involved. The process of selecting which furniture fits best with your decorations, house theme and comfort needs can still be one that is extremely time consuming. In the opinions of many, choosing furniture for your home is the single most important thing you must do following the purchase of that home. This is because you spend the most time in your home using your furniture so it needs to be aesthetically appealing, the right sizes and shapes and most importantly – comfortable. It can become overwhelming when you are required to select chairs, desks, side tables, beds, coffee tables, couches, recliners and dining room sets. Our directory on furniture will help make those aforementioned choices much easier for you and your family so you can worry about how great it feels to sit on your new recliner and not which color matches your rug best and how wide the base is! We will provide links to all the furniture outlets around the world so you are armed with the best choices and the best prices. You will also find links to various websites that review not only specific furniture companies but also the individual products they make. Our directory will make sure you have all the necessary information to select furniture that will improve the look and feel of your home dramatically.
Furniture Shop Varna is one of the top online furniture and interior decorating stores in Bulgaria. Delivering and installing furnishings, lighting, accessories, garden and art installations and other decorating and design implants throughout Bulgaria, Furniture Shop Varna specializes in offering luxury and budget interior design products and services at an excellent price. Furniture Shop Varna creates original furniture to the clients tastes, needs and budget. At, you can view portfolio samples of Furniture Shop Varna’s work, including decorated, designed and furnished living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and other rooms. From contemporary to classic, Furniture Shop Varna creates custom masterpieces for every space in your home or business. more info >>
Your furniture says a lot about you and your lifestyle. Whether you prefer modern furniture or classic furniture, it’s important to find items that fit your life. You can shop around for the best furniture or you can simply shop in one spot. We offer the finest furniture in the United Kingdom, and we also offer unbeatable prices. From glass pieces to classically carved wooden pieces, we have the furniture that you’re looking for. Come and visit our site today to see our catalogue and to find out what we have in store for you. more info >>
Great value furniture in Bulgaria. Bedroom, living room, kitchen & buy to let furniture packs. `Orpheus Interiors was the bright point of the whole [property buying] process!` Orpheus Interiors has an exceptional track record supplying furniture to owners of Bulgarian property. Furnishings which will last & save you money - keeping you & your repeat visitors comfortable for years to come! Our services include FREE furniture planning & design services as well as professional delivery & installation of furniture in Bulgaria – all part of a simple process. We deliver & install furniture packages in Bulgaria to all major destinations including Bansko, Sunny Beach, Pamporovo, Varna & Sofia amongst others. more info >>
Sunbird Furnishings is an online furniture retail company providing good quality UK-made chairs, sofas, chaise longues and headboards in designer fabrics for sale to the public. We have been asked to supply selected items to several boutique hotels and also to some television production companies. Innovative in approach, flexible in styles and with the use of different fabrics, the customer has the benefit of a bespoke service at off-the-shelf prices. Each new collection has at least one eyecatching piece eg, the Isabella Vogue chair and our team of designers keep apace of emerging and current trends to ensure customer satisfaction. more info >>
RP Upholstery, Inc.
RP Upholstery, Inc. has been a custom upholsterer for over 34 years. We do upholstery work for some of the top designers in both broward and miami dade counties. We will re-upolster, restore, or refurbish furniture, boats, cars, antiques, or anything else you can think of! Nothing is to big a job for RP Upholstery! We will custom upholster to your liking for complete customer satisfaction! RP Upholstery stands by our work and guarentees a great job every time! We will pick up and deliver to make the job as hassle free as possible! CALL Jade or Roberto for your quote today! 954-924-1700. more info >>
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