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Non-Toxic Living
We are commited to bring innovative ideas, services and products for sensible living purposes. Sensible living is about quality of life in an affordable way, which is environmentally friendly, spiritually enlighted, culturally sensitive and creative in all respect. Please visit our website to check the new ideas and services that our in-house experts are bringing to make your life a meaningful one. In this resource limited world we need to make conscious decision to make our everyday life easy, affordable and sustainable, and our intention is only to make that decision making process easier. If you need any further assistance in this regard, we would be more than happy to help. more info >>
Happy Healthy Housewife - Living the Good Life
Happy Healthy Housewife is a free site for both full time homemakers and hobby homemakers with lots of how-to articles, cooking recipes, encyclopedias and homemaking tips. We focus on "living the good life" with happiness and a vibrant health for you, all your family members and your beloved pets, which means, that you will find all the usual "homemaking stuff", but in a healthy way, like healthy dinner recipes, green housekeeping, organic gardening, homemade natural beauty treatments, creative activities for kids, natural homemade dogfood etc. New content every month. All articles and recipes on our site is printable and for free. more info >>
Order your favorite Scentsy Fragrance products online! Scentsy warmers are a wickless, flameless alternative to scented candles. The warmer uses a lightbulb to melt the wax in a dish, releasing the scent. Scentsy offers more than 80 different scents, from bakery scents, to manly scents, to garden scents, to spa scents and so much more. We also offer products for the whole family, including Scentsy Buddies, adorable stuffed animals with a scent pak inside. There are also products for on the go: room sprays, scent circles, and travel tins. Scentsy also offers Layers. Layer your life with your favorite Scentsy Fragrances, body wash, lotion, body spray, laundry care. Fill your life with good Scents! more info >>
Eco-Pro carpet and tile cleaning offer Ottawa`s most reliable and qualified tile and carpet cleaning services. Duct cleaning is also a specialty of Eco-Pro Services group. Our team of duct cleaners are actual indoor air quality experts. We specialize in green cleaning products that are safe for the environment as well as for your pets and children. Our cleaning experts also offer bio-hazard cleaning services as well as hoarding cleanup services in Ottawa. The team of professionals at Eco-Pro are also odour control experts that specialize in tobacco smoke odour removal and pet stain and odours. If you are looking for the all in one solution to your residential or commercial cleaning, we are the ones for you. more info >>
At State of Green we speak to skilled creators and craftsmen and women, share news of new sustainable living innovations, and discover upcycled and recycled design ideas. Do you want to find out where to source lighting made from sustainable materials? Or what kind of heating can you put in your home that efficient and good for your health? Find out about local designers in your neighbourhood who are doing great things. It`s all here at State of Green! In addition to our blog we also run a small boutique homeware store filled with organic and natural textiles, local crafts peoples wares, BPA free and earth friendly products. more info >>
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