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Uhome provides homeowners with information on the latest trends and interesting ideas to help you create your very own unique home design. Many of our articles are geared towards apartment dwellers also, with our small room designs and storage ideas. We write about many popular home items, including functional innovations and even deck and garden accessories. We also provide a treasure trove of articles that offer information on several different styles of interior designs like feng shui and relaxation, modern, romantic, or small space living. For those of you who like to do things yourself, we offer DIY tips for all sorts of projects around the home. Visit us to get your own unique home ideas! more info >>
Charter Furniture in Addison Texas is a local, homegrown business specializing in home and office furniture. Apart from leather chairs like Flexsteel, sectionals and tables, it also offers home office furniture essentials for work-at-home employees, entrepreneurs and startups. Charter Furniture also sells turnkey apartment furnishings to the apartment industry: Soup-to-nuts living room, dining room and bedroom sets that can easily update existing interiors or fit out new apartment building units. Their ModelEasy range comprises ready-to-go sets of furniture, accessories, lighting, even art that can be ordered in bulk for maximum cost-efficiency. Charter Furniture has made a specialty out of renovating public amenities for apartments, their leasing offices or clubhouse facilities with new, appealing, cost-efficient conference furniture and reception furniture. more info >>
When two different sleep styles collide, it can be very difficult for a husband and wife to get a good night's sleep. Add in the fact that certain ailments or health issues exist with one partner, and you've got a big problem on your hand. However, in the very recent past, many major bed brands have been coming out with adjustable beds that allow one side of the mattress to be inclined while the other lay flat. It's a revolutionary way to approach sleeping and can help both partners find the rest they desperately need. Many models come with a remote that allows each person to set the level of incline for not only sleeping, but also for watching TV or reading a book. Other models are manual and can be thought of to be similar to that of a pool chair where you can adjust the bed frame to the angle you prefer. The mattress itself is also flexible enough to be adjustable. Determine if an adjustable bed base is the right answer for your home sleeping arrangements. more info >>
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