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Money Management
Any kind of financial advice that comes from an expert is good advice. You can learn about finances by reading books and visiting websites. You can also find lots of great financial advice by visiting This website features all kinds of financial advice that you can take directly to the bank. If you aren’t sure what to invest in or how to invest, you will find that the tips listed on this site are helpful. As with anything else, investing wisely and figuring out your finances is all about learning how to manage your financial life. Learn all you can about your finances by visiting our webpages today. more info >>
Cheap Living UK Home
We are dedicated to bringing you the best money saving ideas for all aspects of everyday life. Sections include how to reduce credit card costs, save money on your house insurance and motoring costs etc. Site launched February 2011 and we have plans to keep adding information regularly to make a huge resource of money saving tips and ideas. Plans for the near future include adding a cheap recipe page where you`ll find great recipes that you can make for very little money. Additionally we have included some ideas for making a little extra cash that anyone can do. Hope you find something useful on the site - pay a visit soon more info >>
Budgeting for Couples
This website provides suggestions to couples on how to come to an agreement on how to budget their money. It outlines steps on how to decide on a budget, taking into consideration income, monthly fixed expenses, flexible fixed expenses, and savings. The aim of this website is to be a useful tool for couples so that they have a clear view of how they will be contributing to joint expenses in an effort to prevent any future arguments. It provides an example of a budget that couples can learn from, and it also provides a simple formula that couples can use. more info >>
Make money faster than a premiership footballer
Learn how to make a fairly modest amount of money super fast. Earn about £20 for every minute it takes you to complete this activity. Anyone can do it, no special skills needed! You can repeat this several times saving you $$$£££ over the course of a year. It takes harldy time and you have absolutely nothing to lose. Sometimes you'll save around £50 a year however you can easily save much more. The magic part is it takes only a few minutes. You could do it over your lunch break or while you're eating your breakfast. So what's stopping you? more info >>
Earn Rewards on your Store and Credit Cards
Its a sad fact that so many of us are throwing away huge amounts of cash each year through not taking advantage of the countless store and credit card offers available. Often this is because of a refusal to 'get into debt' but can also be because of being unaware of the many options. Now no-one would seriously suggest that any of us should buy products or services we can't afford just because it was a good deal! But it is very possible to take advantage of some of the card offers and save a great deal of money on purchases we were going to make anyway. Not all of them will be right for you, but we compare all the major credit cards and store reward cards and show you how you can make often quite dramatic savings. more info >>
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