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When taking pension benefits you are not required to purchase an annuity and take your pension income from the insurance company you hold your pension fund with. With an Open Market Option you can transfer your pension fund to another insurance company, allowing you to shop around to get the best deal possible. This could mean that you are able to find a better annuity rate and higher income in retirement. Annuity rates can differ a lot between insurance companies. Annuity Arrow is a specialist annuity advisor that does the shopping around and searching of the annuity market for you. more info >>
Honesty and integrity are hard qualities to find today in and business especially the reverse mortgage business. Bob and Debbie Worley owners of Lone Star Reverse Mortgage are two of the most moral and principled people you will find in any business. They earn customers trust by providing honest straight forward honest and always tell the truth regarding someone’s individual situation and if they can benefit from a reverse mortgage. Everyone’s situation is unique and it’s important to evaluate your needs based on your own specific circumstances. Get the facts regarding a reverse mortgage and only proceed when you are sure it’s in you and your family’s best interest. You owe it to yourself to know the facts regarding a reverse mortgage. more info >>
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Annuity Direct provides extensive and updated information about annuities, one of the best ways to generate steady and reliable income during retirement. Purchasing an annuity from an insurance company lets you turn your lump amount into a stream of income that can be paid out either immediately or after a few years, and these payments can either be for a specific number of years or for life. Funds in an annuity can grow tax-deferred over time, with a fixed or variable interest rate, which allows it to keep up with inflation. Investing money in an annuity allows you to have a more diversified portfolio that will enable you to live comfortable during retirement. Read through the basics and guides about annuities on more info >>
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