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Joan Marie Lawson is a 3rd generation psychic clairvoyant who teaches you to use your own natural intuition to take control of your destiny. Joan has been a psychic adviser for over ten years. She teaches energy manipulation through meditation techniques to help change the direction of your life and become person you have always wanted to be. Joan is an expert love mentor and has help to heal many relationships that were on the brink of disaster. Joan Marie answers 1 free question via email so you can decide how she connects to you. Joan has been giving psychic advice for over ten years. more info >>
The German philosopher Ernst Cassirer proclaimed that: “the symbol does not enfold the thought by accident, but it becomes its vital and essential body" […]. (1*) Balsamo provides a clear example of how "the thought becomes sign", a vivid attempt to explore Cassirer's theory. The sign in Balsamo reconciles reality with concept; the shapes that the thought turned into sign leaves on canvas gain positive energy from the spirit, establishing a language-code to be untangled in webs, plots, and mazes of black and white lines. This language becomes an expression, the fundamental principle manifesting itself in a form, in the symbol that lays its foundations. Similarly to Cassirer, in Balsamo the thought is defined by basic shapes: self, space, time, etc. It is a space-time epical and real that leaves its sign on canvas thanks to minute multi-chromatic and multi-tones touches, allowing everybody to know the meaning of self and the other, self and the world. Vincenzo Balsamo states: “…maybe I paint what we know to be existing, but we do not really see, in the form of synthesis and actual thought”. (2*) If the thought finds its energy and realization from and through the sign, the color in its tones needs to become one thing with the light. Balsamo states: “Light is life. I find always new and insightful stimuli from light and the luminescence is the access to my work through a complete participation”. (2*) The light is never predetermined, but it grows and permeates like energy the surface through color in its warm and cold tones. In the conceptual space of warm colors the uniform, spread and warm light-color rules, while in the space of intuition of cold tones the gleams of intense, bright and chromatic energy follow one another. It is an invitation from the artist to explore through his work the self in its complexity, with his ability to transfer concepts on canvas in spontaneous and intimate way. more info >>
tomorrow: a world without dualism. dualism traced back via enlightenment (descartes, kant), thomas aquinas to finally aristotle, spread of dualism and split with asia explained by the blitz empire of alexander the great. catholicism as the explanation for the spread of dualism in europe. protestantism as exallerator. showing the enormous influence of cultural realities. By Thomas Kuhn labelled as 'paradigms'. articles about aristole, aquinas, kant, nietzsche, wittgenstein, kuhn, capitalism, industrialism, rationalism, dualism, intelligence, mind body split, terrorism, catholicism, good and evil, emotion, intuition, human brain, paradigm shift, western science, cultural drift, popper kuhn debate, middle east, israel palestine conflict, etc. more info >>
Webmasterous is a forum community that expresses itself on being the best webmaster you can be. Webmasterous shares it's ideas and knowledge in areas that matters to other webmasters. Topics include forums, members, engagement, seo, thinking outside the box, testing, building websites, and promoting. We are a voice that is not typical opinion heard in masses around the internet. We like to tear things apart and get into the questions and answers no one else likes to talk about. Don't follow the herd. Follow your intuition and try your own path as a webmaster. You don't no where it will lead to unless you try your own way. more info >>
Hypnosis can benefit anyone who wants to reach their full potential highest self and break through to unlimited achievement. Hypnosis can help individuals build extreme self-confidence, increase learning and comprehension, reach their goals, freedom from procrastination, increased motivation, reduction in stress levels, enhance health, restrain habits and addictions, boost creativity, develop intuition, manage pain, accelerate spiritual growth and so much more! If you are already working as a physician, nurse, therapist, caregiver, member of clergy, teacher, coach or consultant, you will quickly recognize the value of adding hypnosis and hypnotherapy to your professional skills, and using it for your own dynamic self improvement. If you are seeking a fresh career, one where you can be your own boss while working in a field that makes a positive difference, hypnotherapy may offer what you've been looking for. more info >>