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Admitting that you are experiencing problems and making the decision to see a Clinical Psychologist to talk about your difficulties may be too much to handle. It makes sense that you may feel like it won't be beneficial to discuss your personal issues with someone you don't know, but those who have been to a Clinical Psychologist to talk about their problems often say it was very useful. This is because a Clinical Psychologist can remain objective, which is not always the case with well meaning family members or friends. Signature Psychology Clinical Psychologists are very well trained in the specialist area of mental health and assist you by: a) examining your thoughts, emotions and what you do to cope, b) explore the things that lead up to and keep your problem going, and c) learn useful means of dealing with problems, take the action to reduce the unpleasant emotions, and improve your mental well-being. more info >>
Online Dating Guide for Meeting People Online
The site has dating site reviews covering almost any niche imaginable. I have explored and evaluated hundreds of dating sites in every niche and found the ones worth joining. The site also has dating tips based on a thorough research, guidelines for creating a successful profile to stand out from the crowd and scam pattern descriptions for staying safe from scammers. To top it up it has in-depth psychology articles to make you think and to improve yourself for a more successful relationship. There is also a section for visitors to submit their love stories and online dating experiences. These are useful for motivation and learning. more info >>
The official website of David Austin, author of Delivered Unto Lions, a factually-based novel concerning the traumatic experience of a 12-year-old boy admitted to a residential mental health unit in the 1970s. One day this child is a relatively ordinary schoolboy – albeit an unsettled and unhappy one – and the next he is a mental patient surrounded by violent behaviour, eating disorders, self-harm and unsympathetic nursing staff. Based on the author’s own experience as a patient in the Merrifield Children’s Unit at Tone Vale Hospital in the West of England, this novel is a subjective but faithful representation of children`s psychiatric care in that period. As such, it aims to raise awareness of a hidden world of institutional injustice and abuse in the recent history of young persons` mental health care. more info >>
Wilmington Family Counseling Service is an outpatient mental health and substance abuse counseling agency providing individual, family, couples, child and adolescent counseling since 1967. We have 30 licensed clinicians with extensive experience in counseling and psychotherapy including; psychiatry, psychology, clincial social workers, mental health counselors, and alcohol and drugs counselors. All of our staff are independently licensed in Massachusetts and provide the quality treatment at a time convenient to your home or school schedule. In addition, psychiatric evaluations and medication treatment are provided for clients engaged in counseling. We are open 7 days a week and accept most major health insurace. Contact us anytime by calling 978-658-9889 for an intake appointment, email:, or visit our website. more info >>
Our treatment goal is to advance you to your destination, the main reason you entered therapy for. Your emotional growth will be positively affected as our work progress. You will increase your self awareness and will develop tools to enhance your self esteem and your positive outlook on life. This does not mean increasing the numbers of smiles per day or just positively reframing circumstances, but learning some scientifically proven methods to increase your life satisfaction. As a psychologist who draws heavily from positive psychology you will be exposed to many and different ways of increasing positivity in your daily life, finding more meaning and purpose, and overall being happier!! more info >>