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Audio Radio
If you love Bollywood, you will love everything that Radio Maska has to offer. Radio Maska is India’s first all-Bollywood station. Everything that we play on our website is Bollywood related. You will hear popular songs, lots of funny jokes, and you can even dedicate a song straight through our website. Best of all, Radio Maska is entirely free, so all you have to do is visit our website. Are you ready for some Bollywood? Radio Maska is ready and waiting for you! more info >>
Shuhada Radio (Hausa; Nigeria)
The radio station is an educational non-profit and non-governmental outfit committed to dissemination of factual information about Islam; defecting what really Islam is and what it is not. It is a unit of the Shuhada Foundation of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, under the leadership of Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky (H). It broadcasts in Hausa language from Nigeria. It is the voice of the martyrs of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Programs include replay of Tafsir and Nahjul Balagha into hasua renderings. Live programs at Husainiyya Baqiatullah are aired during such programs as Ashura, Quds, Ghadi, Mualud Unity weeks, Yaumu Zahra, and Nisfu Shaaban. more info >>
Infinite Loop Radio - Electronic Music with B Doss
This is the official site for "Infinite Loop Radio," a radio show that first premiered on WCDB Albany in late 2013. The show is hosted by Bryan, also known by his radio name "B. Doss." Check us out for the latest new artists and tracks. Music includes: house, trance, dub, chill and everything in-between. Here at Infinite Loop Radio you will also find a calendar for events happening in and around the Upstate New York region, where the show is based. Keep up to date on EDM news and events from Albany to Syracuse. If you enjoy shows like "Group Therapy," "A State of Trance," and "Tritonia" you are in the right place. more info >>
Route 66 Radio is the radio that plays rock, country and sometimes folk music. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, non-stop broadcast, every Saturday we launch new releases from unknown bands or already well known groups. On weekends we have our big classic country and classic rock shows, taking you back to the past of music in two programs of two hours of duration each. Also, every hour we broadcast general and breaking news. You can follow us on our social media on Twitter, Facebook and Google plus. We have lots of fans supporting us and a lot of music still to play. Don't disconnect and stay tuned! more info >>
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