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Best videos you can watch on the internet, this site will collect and comment on the best videos you can watch over the internet most probably is on Youtube video sharing site, its an entertainment content mostly in Arabic language, were you can view comment share and the best of it you can rate the video, this site will post a video each 2 hours and will share it in all our account on social media, please keep on tracking, dont waste your time looking for a video which can be scam, this is guaranteed viewed and shared best videos why to waste you time we will look for the best for you more info >> was set up in 2014 to provide weird or entertaining news, about social trends, visual arts or recent discoveries, with the hope to occasionally provoke thoughts. Each post contains original videos and musics, supported by short texts. Topics vary from the role of Fate, using animated paintings of Van Gogh to illustrate a Ray Bradbury short story, to "Survival Tips for Cavemen" from prehistoric era to modern day internet trolls. Do not miss our unique piece on "why the future belongs to Vampires" exploring the benefit of young blood on mice longevity. Additional resources, such as books, records or movies are provided to further experience or learn more on the topic. more info >>
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