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Coffee Galleria is a coffee boutique roastery in Sydney, Australia. We provide a gallery of best coffee in the world. The website provides information in what we offer to Australian coffee lovers, including coffee enthusiasts all over the world. The website also gives informaiton about what other services we have like coffee barista training for those who want to learn about coffee brewering and coffee serving. The site also has a blog page where we post latest goings-on of our company. We also post on the blog page helpful tips on how to make good coffee. Just anything you need to know about coffee in Australia, we have them all for you in this website. more info >>
I created this website to help others find the best kegerator for their needs. Whether you are looking for a mini kegerator or a full-size kegerator...this site is for you. We all love that draft beer taste, and if we don't want to go to a bar to get it then the only way we can have it is by having your own draft beer system. A kegerator is the way to go, and there are a lot of the market to choose from. Let me help you pick the best one for you! My website also has a lot of other resources for your beer drinking needs. You may want a growler or you might need kegerator resources. Just go and check it out. more info >>
Sip Your Tea
The aim of it to provide a comprehensive collection of articles on various tea related subjects. Many of our articles come about after readers email us and ask us about certain topics. As time goes on, we aim to constantly increase our researched tea related information. On the one hand we provide recipes for various teas such as Chai Tea and Sweet Tea and on the other we provide information on the health benefits of various teas, such a peppermint tea, chamomile tea, green tea, and we also delve into the weight lot claims made by proponents of green tea. Over and above information, we aim to link to relevant products that readers can find in relation to the information they’re seeking. more info >>
This food & beverage category disclose the food item, which goes to be sell in the particular restaurants. Like some of the restro offered veg meal only and some offers both veg and non veg meal. In India every state has its own identity dish like in Rajasthan, the pure rajasthani food as Gatte ki sabji, makka ki roti and in sweet dish ghevar be served to the visitors. The food and beverage services of Jaipur is good as compare to others, and if you want to taste the real rajasthani food then search on where you will get all information about the good restaurants, food&beverage services, etc. more info >>
Tripole Ice Cube is proud to declare that we are the pioneer in providing a consumable ice cube for food and beverages businesses in and around Jakarta. Our ice cubes has been analyze by health department for its hygiene and consumable standard for consumers. Our clients is growing by the numbers each year. Which means the F&B businesses in Jakarta are more aware of the importance of hygiene ice cubes for their drinks products. And the consumers is becoming more aware as well. We have various types of ice cubes. Big size ice cube, medium size ice cube, ice chips and shaved ice for many types of drinks. more info >>
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