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SnackNation is a turnkey monthly healthy snack delivery service designed for your office. No more driving to multiple stores or dealing with the same old snacks that employees complain about. Choose from 3 different subscription plans based on the size of your office. Each box contains our best tasting, most popular healthy snacks that we personally curate each month. Our Healthy Snack Experts can even customize your subscription to match your office's taste profile! We offer a 100% Snack-Back Guarantee. If you don't like a certain product we send you, just mail it back and we'll send you a replacement at no additional cost. more info >>
Snack Memory has of information about snacks, candy, and treats. You can find in-depth information about many types of snacks or candy. It contains information such s the history of different types of candy, where you can find them, and if they are still sold. Snack Memory acts as a snack encyclopedia so people can learn and remember. You can look up old snacks and candy you used to love, or new snack ideas. Snack memory is useful as a list of snack ideas as it contains many types. You can use snack memory to obtain ideas on snacks for research, enjoyment, or to buy to eat. more info >>
Our mission is to create reviews that encourage people to have informed buying decisions. Never eat bad treats again, our website will be your guide!Today, Our Site helps customers focus on candy that matters. Our Reviews allow for reading and responding to the quality of candy to make purchasing decisions easier than ever before. These achievements mark only a small part of how we envision our site growing. Viewing our site will keep you a conformed consumer so you will stay safe from bad deals or products that are not up to par! Bookmar our site and never fee lost with bad choices again. more info >>
You don’t even need a sweet tooth to enjoy some of Sweet E’s delicious pastries and sweets. Our staff has been hand-making a massive variety of delicious pastries and sweets for 12 years. Everything from the basic ingredients to the final designs on our sweets is made with care and respect. As soon as you walk into our store located in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver you’ll notice the fresh smells of baking and the bright colourful sweets on display just waiting to be eaten. Visit us online to view our menu and get a small taste of what we do best. more info >>
Switzerluxe is a gourmet food online shop that offers a selection of cookies, snacks & appetizers. The high quality that is dear to Switzerland is present in all our products from the Petit Palmier Butter Cookies, the Cheese Twists to high altitude Special Roast Coffee. Our cooperation with the Swiss brand “La Fabrique” allows us to offer the best quality breadsticks and cheese twists. Perfect snacks and appetizers from the market leader in in that area. Our cooperation with the Swiss brand “La Semeuse” allows us to offer extremely rare coffee beans sourced from small plots of land in Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil, India, Tanzania and Salvador. more info >>
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