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Locks For Sufboards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, WakeBoards and Kiteboards that won`t harm your board. Lock to any stationary object. Recieve the piece of mind you deserve with dockslocks. Dock Locks can be attached to your lease plug, or to the optional fin tack cleat provided with each system. Each system comes with a 10` coil cable, dxlx Jaw and cleat for your fin track. With the otional universal cleat you can also lock wakeboards and kiteboards or any other board with inserts. Comes packaged in a Durable mesh bag and ready for display. DocksLocks is a patented locking system unrivaled by any other in the surf industry. more info >>
Board Games offers surfing and stand up paddleboarding activities on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast. We have all the gear you need to stay warm and have fun on a board, including winter wetsuit,wetsuit boots, gloves and a hood! From age 8, non swimmers, families, friends, solo travelers and groups are all welcome to come for an adventure in West Wales today! If you have never been in the sea before then no worries we will show you the way and you will soon be cruising the waves!Been surfing before? We can help get those skills up to scratch so you are riding the motion of the ocean! more info >>
The market of Stand Up Paddle Boards can be daunting to newcomers. Although the industry is pretty new there is just so much variety of boards in all shapes and sizes and accessories. For every one who is new to the sport we are trying to help with our in-depth reviews, drawing from years of experience. And even the seasoned paddler might lear a thing or two from visiting us. We do not have any attachment to board manufacturers which ensures un-biased reviews. Stop by and check us out. If you still have questions after reading the reviews we are happy to help. We can be contacted through the contact form on our page. more info >>
Dreamsea Surfcamp in Salema, Algarve, Portugal is a magic place with people from all the world come to learn how to surf or improve the surfing skills, an international surfcamp where people can share his values and learn different cultures. Nature, Youth and Sport are the three pillars of Dreamsea Surf Camps, that´s why is the best choice to spend an amzaing summer. The beaches in this part of Portugal are specially well known for the perfect shape of its waves and it consistent swell. Don´t hesitate and join the Dreamsea Surf Camps family, you won´t regert it. Surfing is more than a sport is a way of life, learning with our instructors you will not only learn from the best and more experinced surf instructors but also learn how to love surf, how to enjoy the surf lessons and how to love the surfing culture. more info >>
Roar Cornelius at Cornelius Surfboards offers premium San Diego Lonboard surfboards at an affordable price. Combining traditional shapes with new-school flare, Roar creates super-functional retro machines that are perfect for a variety of conditions. From longboards to thrusters, Roar shapes a little bit of everything, and takes pride in his work. Roar is an avid shaper and surfer himself, and grew up in San Diego, and thus has an intimate knowledge of the surf here and the boards that work well for it. Roar believes that surfing is a sport for all, and hopes only to spread the stoke to more people via his high-quality and unique approach to shaping. more info >>
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