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One Piece Anime a Japanese anime about Pirates. Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro and the other Straw Hats (Mugiwara) are having an Adventure in to the seas to get One Piece the legendary treasure left from the king of the pirates Gol D. Roger if Luffy finds One Piece he will become the next King Of the Pirates. His enemies are the Marine but there is a great era of pirates and there are countless battles to be done and very strong opponents to be beaten watch One Piece to find out how it will end it is the best anime there is u wont forget this anime if you watch it. more info >>
One Piece Characters | Information about this
It's a website about the amazing one piece series with complete details about all the characters storyline! One Piece has a huge audience worldwide and through this site, we are trying to offer some good quality content about this awesome anime. The story begins when Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist, accidentally eats a fruit that transforms his body into gum! His dream is to become the King of all the Pirates and he will gained amazing power on his way to fulfill that. Of course he is not alone! He has a loyal crew that is willing to die for him. The relationship between them in remarkable. Every person in this crew has their own dreams and goals and they are fighting united to achieve them. more info >>
ClubSailorMoon-The Ultimate Sailor Moon Fan
The Best place to get all things related to Sailor Moon. You can find information, news, gallery, quizzes, and a forum to hangout! Join Club Sailor Moon and get the latest news on the remake Sailor Moon Crystal! Also join our forums so you can meet other sailor moon fans! Clubsailormoon has over 1000 moonies so you can talk to others that share the same interest as you. The new remake is set to come out on July 5th 2014 at 6am EST. To find out more you can follow our blog which gives you the latest news on everything Sailor Moon. ClubSailor Moon is the place to be if you want to learn about sailor moon more info >>
I want to share all my favorite anime and anime reviews because I love anime. I hope everyone would enjoy watching my suggested anime. This is dedicated to all otakus and anime lovers. I hope that everyone would like my anime reviews. Currently I am rewatching all anime's I have watched to give better review. I also asked my friends their opinion about my anime review to give better insight about the anime. The review's I made ranges from old to latest anime. It also contain my favorite anime quotes. It is also consist of anime opening theme and ending theme. more info >>
A blog for anime and manga critics and review. Contains lot of general details and theories that`s going on in the anime manga world. Its a complete fan site discussing about various theories. Reviews of animes and mangas along with the critics. Its also contain facebook timeline images. Critics about new mangas and animes released are discussed in the site. Its a comeplete fan site for anime and manga. Gives lot content and new wild theories along images and videos. Youtube videos are embeded in the blog. Atleat one article is posted in the blog every week. So in short a complete anime manga site more info >>
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