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Art is one topic that has been hotly debated for centuries. Many people have pondered the question: what is art? The answer to that question is that there’s no answer at all. Art, reduced to its simplest terms, is anything that evokes any kind of emotion, though not all people are moved by the same work of art. Although the concept of art is inherently complex, the best works of art communicate simply and universally.

For some, the term “art” is something tangible and visual, meant for a frame or pedestal. For others, art can be any mode of expression from dance and theater to poetry and song. While no one definition of art exists, almost every person around the world has some concept of the word itself. Paintings on prehistoric cave walls prove that the value of art and the compulsion towards artistic expression have existed as long as humanity itself.

In this way, art is not just an object or event in a fixed time and place. Art embodies a deep cultural history and tradition that is constantly evolving and reinventing itself over time. Due to various techniques and different types of technology, the type of art created in any genre changes as time passes. By recognizing numerous techniques, it is possible to separate one work of art from another. The techniques that artists use tend to fluctuate from century to century.

Language is another form of art that can’t be seen or touched, but it can be appreciated by many. Just as artists’ techniques evolve, languages change on a regular basis. New words are added to various languages regularly, which is why dictionaries are constantly being upgraded. Modern artists have made great use of language and the way that different words can impact an audience.
Modern art is one type of art that is frequently questioned. While some critics of modern art believe that there must be some structure to art in order to call it, well, art, others disagree. One modern artist, Tracy Emin, slept inside of her own bed, and then placed the bed inside of a gallery for others to view. Various art critics argued that Emin’s art was not art at all, yet the performance piece did indeed speak to some audiences. What it said is perhaps immaterial.

In the end, the things that can be considered art are really a matter of personal preference. If you deem anything that evokes an emotional reaction from you as “art,” then art is all around you. If you believe that there must be strict guidelines in order for someone to call a creation “art,” then a museum may be the best place to look for true art.

No matter what you consider to be art, you’ll enjoy browsing through our resource and links for the arts. From photography to sculpture to learning about the greatest artists who ever lived, you’ll find plenty of information on this site. There are many different definitions of art, though the only definition that matters is the one that you believe in. What is art? This question is for you, and you alone, to answer as you see fit.
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