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Body art comes in many different forms including tattoos, piercings, and body painting. The object of body art is to turn the human body into a form of art through various artistic expressions. Some people express feelings for loved ones in the form of tattooed names, while others create interesting designs on a body part using body paint. Contrary to popular belief, body art is not a new invention. In fact, body arts, of all kinds, have been around for centuries. People who chose to use their bodies as a type of canvas today are simply carrying on age-old traditions. If you have always wanted to experiment with body art, but you don’t know where to begin, consider opting for body paint. Most types of body paint are not permanent, but having your body painted is a good precursor to a tattoo or piercing. Many people also find that piercings are a good way to become acquainted with body art, since most piercings can be easily removed. No matter what kind of body art you decide upon, the most important thing to remember is to choose a reputable artist. From tattoo artists to piercing parlors, make sure that the person embellishing your body comes highly recommended. In order to find a trustworthy body artist, take a look at our Arts and Body Art Directory. On our site you’ll find many helpful body art links that will get you started on your journey towards a uniquely decorated body.
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