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The way we think about video and the way we consume video has certainly changed over the last twenty years. In the 1980s you would need thousands of dollars just to get the correct equipment to film and edit video. Fast forward to the 21st century and, as long as you have a computer, you can film and edit video for a few hundred dollars. The ability to film video so easily has resulted in more movies being made and also allowed for the success of internet video hubs like YouTube. With a video site like YouTube, you can create your own video about anything you choose and then post it for the world to see on your own personal page. Television networks even allow their shows to be streamed as online video almost immediately after the show goes live. The way we consume video at home continues to evolve from VHS to DVD to Blu-Ray. Technology has allowed home video and its sound and picture quality to advance by leaps and bounds and there is no end in sight. In our directory on video we will cover everything from how to film, capture, produce and edit video to the evolution of home video and how big budget pictures are made. Resources on different video formats, video streams and online video hubs will also offer important information. By the time you leave our directory you will not only know what a video is but how to make one, post it and even sell it to a major studio.

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