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Video Editing
Lasting Impressions Videography provides a wealth of wedding videography experience and creativity. Our growing team strive for professionalism through their unobtrusive cinematic capture techniques. Your special day is captured in its essence without directors and setups. Melbourne’s professional wedding day videography service, Lasting Impressions Video utilise industry leading equipment as well as top end non-linear editors and techniques. Our camera operators are approachable and friendly. Each package includes two cameras as well as two camera operators during the ceremony. We offer complete custom packages. We can tailor to meet any of your wedding day requirements. LIVIDEO is a studio offering videography services as their main profession, and not as a secondary service to photography. more info >>
Magisto is a magical video editor. Magisto generates a unique video from your raw video sources using sophisticated AI technology that detects the interesting and well-shot parts of your movie, fusing them with a popular music clip to create a memory worth-while keeping. Magisto is available for iOS, Android, Google Chrome and available via Web interface as well. Magisto makes movies which are interesting, fun to watch and entertaining. Magisto is available for free with additional features available to premium subscribers. Magisto is very easy to use and requires no special expertise. just pick the movies and photos you want, choose a title for your video and then click 'ok' and that's it, the magic is done for you. more info >>
Artisan Showreels
Artisan Showreels offer a bespoke service tailored towards actors looking for a fresh, clean, professional edit of their existing showreel material. We offer an affordable solution to the nightmare that is editing a showreel. Showreels need to be designed and edited with the Casting Director in mind at all times. Too often, showreels are edited to be 'exciting' or 'flashy', which is not what the Casting Director wants to see at all. They want to see you. Nothing more, nothing less. That's why our team are dedicated to providing actors with a reliable, cost effective and professional service from start to finish. We justify our editing decisions so that you can be sure your footage is shown off the right way. more info >>
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