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Although we consume most of our media online, there is still a soft spot in many people’s hearts for radio and what it brings to the table as a source of news and music. Around one hundred years ago radio became the very first media form to transmit news, sports and music to the public masses. Families began to purchase home radios and sit around them to listen to their favorite programming just as we do today with the modern television. Although radio has advanced with the times in terms of clarity, reach and even through the introduction of radio via satellite technology, it is still seen as the most traditional form of consuming media. For some children that are the products of the new real-time media age – radio means nothing and seems old fashioned. But for almost anyone else, it is viewed with nostalgia and is widely used and accepted. Many people even prefer sports broadcasts and news over the radio so they don’t have the distractions of TV like unnecessary filler and graphics. As an art form, radio will never die. It is cheap to produce and broadcast and people like to be able to consume media in a way that isn’t so overwhelming. In our directory on radio we will cover the history of this media form as well as how it works thanks to things like electromagnetic waves, frequencies, amplitude, phase and pulse width. You will quickly become an expert on everything radio with our directory.
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