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Music, like math, is a universal language. But whereas math speaks to the quantifiable, music serves as a metaphor for the human experience. From ineffable emotions to unsolvable riddles, music is as simple to appreciate as it is complex to understand. But the mysteriousness of music doesn’t stop us from creating it, collecting it and communing over it. Our Music directory within our Arts category is dedicated to all things melodic, rhythmic, harmonious or dissonant. From the highbrow and esoteric to pop songs and cultural touchstones, we’ve taken on the ambitious endeavor of providing a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the composition, recording, performing or appreciation of music.
Music traces its roots back to the history of humanity—but today, it’s taken on a new significance. Music, which was once confined to hallowed music halls and visceral live experiences, is now accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time. The digitalization of music allows us to create, capture and playback music on-the-go—whether we’re hosting a private concert via headphones or streaming the latest pre-release single over the web. But in spite of the omnipresence of music, the live concert is far from falling out of vogue. Fans still wait in lines for tickets and rock stars still fill the stadiums. In other words, much has changed about music in the 21st century—but many aspects remain the same. Our Music directory is designed to bring you all the links, resources and websites you need to appreciate all facets of the music—from the industry down to the artistry.
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