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Our site contains a lot of videos on cubase recording and music creation topips. Our team is providing free of cost the learning of professional recording Download here professional vst plug ins like halion, hypersonic and much more When I start a mix, I'm usually interested in cleaning up any frequency conflicts and you will find a place where you can be a professional musician and resordist you can learn here free music theory and a lot of videos on playing various instruments and we thank you if you come to our site to learn cubase and fl studio download all daw software just for free in our website and watch more than 3000 videos on music creation and recording more info >>
Site composer Gabriel Gheorghiu, music spirituals, musicology, poets, audio sheet, etc. Music is the Divine voice of the lost Paradise. Through it both God and man communicate their Self as it is.. The idea which inspired the creation of this website was generated by the theatre of my deep inner feelings and by desire to manifestly configure this world. Thus, a magic world was born according to my spirit. All that you will discover here is a translation, by means of different form of communication (acoustic, visual or written) of this intimate and sacred space. Besides my own musical creation, this website also offers: a space dedicated to musical therapy, poems, musicological studies, information of music and art consonant with my soul, personal beliefs as well as some autobiographical moments. more info >>
I got my license in Music Composition at `George Enescu` Conservatory - Iasi, Romania. Here I actually have specialised myself in classical and jazz composition, pop composition, violin, piano and choir conducting. I`m operating on-line in cooperation with totally different music agencies within the world, singers UN agency request my services. If you wish music for songs (karaoke music), I will build a giant style of designs like dance, techno, trance music, pop, rock, jazz, classical and lots of others as well as sonata. You can see below a listing of songs that I organized the music for. If you have got different songs that you wish the music for, do not hesitate to contact me! more info >>
An ultimate idea of making guitar an easy instrument to all also providing an easy and accessible platform for music lover to learn guitar. We try to provide fun learn tutorials so that they can be easily learned by one. Pluck Guitar teaches the mechanics behind music making on guitar in ways that one can use his or her creative to the fullest, Explore your creativity and apply what you learn independently only with Pluck Guitar. Pluck Guitar frequently adds new song chords and tabs of various genres to its library and has an awesome collections of chords and tabs for both the beginner & intermediate guitar Players, All guitar tutorials are well Organized and makes it a load easier to find everything, Learning guitar was never easy as before with Pluck guitar innovative lessons & techniques. more info >>
We are composing, arranging and mixing songs. Our team consists of a certified arranger and a keyboard player with over 10 years in experience. Our composer is using hardware keyboards and synthesizers as well as drum machines, a recording console including analog outboard equipment. We have worked with artists and bands from many countries and have made their projects a success. Our goal ist to write and compose songs which will last and possibly be called a classic in the future. We can be a help during the writing process and can be hired for toplines, hooks and external work. more info >>
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