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Singing along with any song can be a great deal of fun. Lyrics make songs pop, and without lyrics a lot of songs would be boring. Song writers derive lyrics from various sources. Some writers write about their own lives, while others write about great people in history or common themes that we all share. A large majority of song lyrics are based upon love. Love is something that most people have experienced in one form or another, which is why most songs have something to do with love. Many songs also relate directly to real-life situations. Writing lyrics isn’t difficult if you have something to say (whether about love or life or something else!).
In order to write lyrics to any song, simply pick up a pen and a piece of paper. Your song writing begins when you come up with an idea, and that idea suddenly morphs into great lyrics. You can then share your song with the world, or you can keep your lyrics all to yourself. It’s also a lot of fun to research popular song lyrics. Even though you may think you know what a song is all about, wouldn’t it be fun to find out for sure? We collect information on song lyrics in our Music-Lyrics Directory. Since we enjoy song lyrics so much, our directory has some information that you may find useful. There are also a number of other song lyric sources out there. Take the time to research your favourite song lyrics – you’ll be surprised at what you find out!
The worlds largest online, legal lyrics community. We offer free access to over 2,000,000 song lyrics by 3,000,000 artists, music videos and album and track lists. We also have social networking features and the ability for you to create you own unique playlist that you can share with friends and family. No annoying ads or spam like other lyric sites. Add songs daily and you can even add your own bands tracks and lyrics. Top 100 songs chart updated weekly along with charts broken down by genre. You can search by song title, artist or just the lyrics that you know. more info >>
Jimmy Buffett Songs
The #1 Jimmy Buffett Site on the internet. Cheeseburger in paradise anyone? Welcome aboard! Jimmy Buffet has been a massive name in the music scene for well over 50 years, and he’s still super popular. Jimmy Buffett Songs is dedicated to bringing you all the information regarding Jimmy`s vast collection / discography. We`ve got photos of the main man himself, lyrics of all of his songs, pictures of all of the album covers, song previews, release dates, album titles, and much much more. If you`re a true Buffett fan this is the site for you. So head on over to Margaritaville! more info >>
Eminem Lyrics
Eminem Lyrics is a lyrics database website that lists all lyrics of all Eminem's official release tracks. Other free-style tracks may be uploaded later depending on customer demand. The site also has a section about the rapper, Eminem himself. It currently has a blog section that is being updated as news aboout Eminem and/or other related rappers and events happen. We also have facebook and twitter channels. All news are forwarded to those channels so visitors can connect with us easily by following and subscribing to us via twitter and facebook. A lot of people requests a download section where we can let them download mp3 files of Eminem’s songs. But we’re not gonna put it up since it’s illegal. We’re just a lyrics site after all. more info >>
This lyrics directory is the culmination of my years of amateur web development, combining my love for tinkering with code and the desire to offer something useful to the good people of the internet. It features self-developed forums, user-generated playlist creation, popularity charts, personal private messaging, requests. And working on integration with my wallpapers site. The lyrics database is quite extensive (nearing 100 thousand songs), but still growing rapidly and will soon include far more non-English artists than it already does. I`m still learning as I go, but I feel the content is useful enough already to warrant exposing it to the internet. more info >>
Tauseya - Lyrics in Your Language
Tauseya is a platform for any music fans to share lyrics’ translations of their favorite songs. You may also browse lyrics by languages, follow popularity trends or discover new artists through the random rotations. You can choose up to three translations of a certain song to be shown simultaneously, so you can compare and learn new languages! If you can’t find your favorite artist, you can easily add their lyrics, for everyone to see - you are the main creator of everything on the Tauseya! We do our best to give you the tools and environment to share your translations. more info >>
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