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Christian Music
Sonic Art - Music by Rune Fränne
Sonic Art is Swedish composer/musician Rune Fränne. Here you can listen to, read about and buy the music. It is mainly instrumental music, atmospheric with traditional influences. Synthesizers mixed with acoustic guitars, recorders, piano and (mostly) rather soft grooves. The music is well suited for creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you run a SPA or similar service, you can contact me and get a license for using the music in your facility. If you are active in a Christian church, the music has been used in lots of Swedish churches, to create a meditative atmosphere before the service, or during prayer etc. One of the CD:s are music based on old Christian hymns. I also run Sonic Art Studio, a small studio in Södertälje, Sweden. I do smaller productions of various kinds, in recent years especially classic recordings, string quartets, choir etc. Visit for more information! more info >>
Over the years there has been a constant struggle inside of the Christian community. What is that struggle? Christian worship music. Countless debates over the use of instruments, difference in style and even the very songs that are sung. It seems like a never ending debacle that has carried on for far too long. It is time to get a fresh perspective and re-evaluate our outlook on worship in the church. But with all of this “mumbo jumbo” going on, how do we stop the bickering and get back to focusing on the reason we worship? Read this article to find out the real meaning behind why we worship. more info >>
A wonderful new hymn book with 700 of the best Christian songs. The emphasis is on `high truth-content` songs - songs that are full of bible truth. There`s a complete set of the classic Christmas carols, as many of these are doctrinally sound. Chord names are shown for those who use them when playing their instrument. The language of some traditional hymns has been brought up to date, but these changes are minor. The books are widely used in Australia and New Zealand - their popularity is also increasing in Canada and the United States. They have been adopted by many church congregations and also by individuals and families. Quantity discounts are available. more info >>
Aussie Alternative Rock trio singing about Youth issues and helping/supporting young people get back on track. Opening National Youth Expo 2015 with songs from their latest creation 21st Century Believer (21CB) they highlight the lead singer`s own experiences growing from teenage hood to adulthood, turning his life around from self destruction to a new path of belief and hope. Their new EP will be released later in 2015 with songs like `Stop.Listen.Love`, about bullying on social networks and how we should stop hurting people, instead, understanding the damage we are doing on the web to one another. The Naddiks website offers free downloads and will shortly be updated with common links to helpful sites which deal with youth social issues. more info >>
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