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Dedicated entirely to audio interfaces and adapters used for music production on computers, this is a great resource for musicians, music producers, audio engineers, and DJs. Features include detailed product comparisons of the major brands and interfaces on the market, reviews of leading audio interfaces, advice on digital music recording, and announcements of the latest products as they hit the stores. You will also get advice and tips on which audio interfaces are best suited to your individual needs along with advice on the best ways to use them. To top it all off, all of this is provided by experienced electronic musicians. more info >>
A website where you can find the best beat makers with detailed personal reviews. Besides, we provide guides and articles about beat making tips and how to start selling your beats online. Also, we write reviews about beat making equipment that can be used in music production. Our main goal is to help complete beginners to enter to beat making field and start making their own beats using the best software and hardware available in the market. We will provide in the near future beat making tutorials to help our visitors master their beat makers in order to create sick beats that will blow their friends` minds. more info >>
We offer tips & tricks in our blog. We regularly test software and more in our studios blog. This includes daw`s for computers, instruments such as guitars, headphones and plugins. We check those tools in order to give an unbiased opinion and in depth details before customers decide to buy a certain instrument. Our readers can always ask us if they have any questions for example if they want to know how to build a computer for music purposes or any other related topics. Our main focus lays at producers and their specific needs for new sounds, samples and synths. Therefore we always offer the latest news in our industry. more info >>
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