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Add Music Library, Royalty Free Music.
Add Music Library is a brand new direct music licensing company with a variety of genres and songs. Our sound recordings are owned 100% by Add Music Library; we have no third party interaction. We are not involved with any PRO’s so you can receive the benefits generated by cutting out the middle man. No royalty fees are due to any other parties so you can get a cheaper music provider. Add Music Library Provides Two Paths of Business. The first is a non-exclusive song by song purchase and the second in an annual membership which grants you full non-exclusive access to all sound recordings within Add Music Library and all new releases for the term of one year. more info >>
Would you take a guitar Lesson with UK`s leading guitarist and improvisation tutor? This is no hype! Listen to 61 killer guitar mp3s on his homepage and hear for yourself. Why not learn guitar from a guy who is rated the best blues player in the UK by Big Joe Turner, BB Kings bassist for 5 years! master! John Mizarolli offers private and online guitar lessons and courses using a unique Spirit-Mind-Body technique. He has taught an amazing range of guitar pros in the music business in the last 30 years, around 26000 guitar players! The boost to your improvisation, composition and creativity is usually overwelming! Get 5 years playing progress in 6 months! Mizarolli is one of the most experienced private guitar teachers in the UK. more info >>
Experienced songwriter and producer Bernd Oettinger presents his songs and services. Bernd is a singer and multi-instumentalist playing guitar, piano, bass. His services include songwriting and production of song demos for upcoming songwriters, vocalist, musicians and lyricists. Starting with an existing recording of the client`s song and additional info on the instrumenation, style and feel the clients desires for the song, Bernd will provide an offer for the professional production of the song which comes along with a little mp3 snippet of how the song could sound. If this offer is convincing, he`ll start with the production. After several feedback loops with the client the song will be finished. On the site you can compare how the songs or song ideas sounded before they were produced and after. more info >>
We want to help all the musicians who need to find professional training program absolutely for free. We developed this site in past 3 months. Now the musical dictations section is already done. We will add some new dictations from time to time. Those will be modern dictations from new authors and also we will add more traditional dictations to the current huge list. Soon will be available also Solfeggio section. Currently it is under construction. We do planning regarding our third big project - Transport. We hope this site will become a good place for basic and professional training for musicians. more info >>
Hip Hop Redux was created with the intent to help people become better rappers. This includes the basics from a broad overview of how to rap as well as more advanced techniques such as multi syllabic usage, compound wording, flows, choruses, etc. Also, HHR is dedicated to helping rappers learn what it takes to become a successful artist in the music business, and gives them the resources necessary to become a professional and successful artist. There are also articles on the site exploring the overall culture of Hip Hop in both its present and past climate. All together, HHR is a great resource for anyone interested in Hip Hop and who wants to immerse themselves in it for personal or professional endeavors. more info >>
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