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Future bass music site. Post-Dubstep, filthy dubstep, drum and bass, mainstream trance and techno included. Free Bassmusic submission supported. Send your demo tracks. Trance and Dubstep megamixes included so we're looking for quality materials to be posted. DJ sets, soundcloud iframes, youtube videos, bios and pictures are included in the majority of articles on the site. The article types include - artists of note (independent artists who have submitted quality bass materials), bass megamixes (video collection including tracks with some interesting characteristics), some text articles (we don't write much but when necessary) and others. So in general - we're posting Dubstep, DnB, Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, Techno and the related genres. more info >>
Tune in every day for the latest and classic international music from around the world. This channel consists of selective few of music channels and music recommended personally by Jack Vinijtrongjit and some guest DJs. With new music added every day, you will always be the first to hear new music from every corner of the world. This channel also features some classic pieces that were once popular and still popular today. Never thought of listening a song in a language you don't understand? Since music is a universal language, you will find yourself enjoying and wanting more. Just tune in a listen for yourself! more info >>
This site has been set up in 2003 and the main activity of this site about video tutorials and videos related to the violin, the violin and the piano and guitar and maker of musical instruments, and nowadays due to the expensive cost of learning musical instruments more people try to use the CD and DVD playing your favorite maker learn through educational series that has been produced for hnramozan music Learning music is very easy as well as concerts with musicians of the world than most of the site has been put to use their artwork as well as lovers of this points in the video there are customers for avssh if they were not part of the training course will notice can come back to the first lesson of the course and return to browsing this site is trying to make music with an easy way to teach users more info >>
Evergig - By the fans, for the fans
Evergig is a live music video website, comprised entirely of fan footage. Our unique technology searches the web for the best concert footage of the latest shows, edits it together, and produces dynamic, multi-angle concert films. Because the site relies on fan footage, our videos give the viewer a real sense of being at the show, of being in the thick of it. From classic rock to pop, hip hop to electronica, Evergig is a vast catalog of one-of-a-kind, for fans of every genre. It is already possible to stream over one million concerts, directly to your laptop, phone or tablet. more info >>
A versatile singer in Kolkata
A versatile singer refers to a person who knows and has gained mastery over not only one specific genre of music but in other genres of music as well. Henceforth, a versatile singer in Kolkata is different from a traditional singer who has mastery over only one traditional genre of music. A versatile singer aims to cover all the other specific genres of music, and tries to gain mastery over them. Their mastery attracts the attention of the various categories of music lovers out there increasing their popularity even more than the traditional singers. They try to develop the innate capability of being adept in the various forms of music and instruments as well. more info >>
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