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Design is a complex and multidisciplinary field. While there are numerous colleges, design schools and other academic institutions which help aspiring designers cultivate their skills, much of what makes a great design is an innate creativity and proclivity for understanding how the fundamental structure of any given object speaks to its function. From website designers to building architects, the designer’s job is clear: to create beautiful and functional implements that are useful to society.
In our Design directory, which is a part of our Arts directory, you’ll find resources, websites and articles about Design—both the study of and application of design. While design has classically consisted of traditional arts, such as painting, sculpture and architecture, the field of design has grown immensely and even embraces intangible objects. Just as we consider the artistry and inspiration of a fashion designer, we apply this spirit of invention and applied disciplines to the creation of games, storylines, advertising campaigns and other processes.
Given the complexity of modern design projects, much design work is now done by a team of designers. This opens the door to increased specialization and niche expertise. Design endeavors now welcome a number of professionals, from engineers and marketers to artists and managers. In this way, the field of design has become both more specific and inclusive.
Our Design directory reflects the multifaceted nature of design itself. Take time to browse through our listings to get a feel for the wide world of arts and design on the web.
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