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The performing arts tap into many facets of human culture. Performing arts speak to the universal as well as the esoteric, and are associated with the basest aspects of humanity as well as the more refined culture. Because of this, the performing arts are perhaps the best way to explore, understand and enjoy the ways our cultures are the same and different from one another. From a lilting melody that stirs an ineffable emotion within the hearts of thousands of audience members to a dramatic dance routine that allows us to marvel at the grace, energy, poise and spontaneity of the human body all at once, the performing arts are a truly special form of communication. Each region has its own inflection and flavor of comedy, music, dance and theater, and more often than not, these local qualities are influenced and channeled through other cultures. The result is a fascinating milieu that both challenges and defines society at once.
Our Performing Arts directory is included in our Arts directory because we believe the Performing Arts deserves a dedicated section of its own, devoted to theater, musical performance, opera, radio, storytelling and other performing arts that are so important to human society and culture. The resources you’ll find here are about performing arts and how the arts help us reenact, reinvent, romanticize and comment on the human condition. Performing arts help us tell the story of society and culture to ourselves, whether it’s a deeply personal story or one that encompasses all of humanity.
We hope you’ll find these resources, articles and websites about performing arts as inspirational as we do.
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