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The world is full of things to look at. Creating illustrations of real people and places is a great way to emphasize a person’s features or a certain event. Every day, cartoonists and illustrators around the world sell their illustrations to magazines and newspapers. Some of these professionals become regular newspaper and magazine contributors. You can learn how to create illustrations by picking up a book or video about illustrating. The best way to become a great illustrator is to practice your craft regularly. Ask people to pose for you, sit in a park sketching all that you see, and take a look at places and events that are curious. You will soon discover that the world is full of wonderful things to illustrate.
Many illustrators create comic books. These books are then sold to comic book stores or to large comic companies. When a new comic gains a following quickly, this comic often becomes a classic piece of work. All kinds of superheroes were born through comic book illustrations. You can create a popular comic book character too – even if you don’t sell your comic! We like to gather and collect information about illustrations on our website. In our Illustration Directory, you will find lots of links and information about illustrations. Find out where you can learn to illustrate, who you can sell your drawings to, and what illustrating is all about. You will also find that the history of illustrations is quite interesting. If you want to learn to become an illustrator, pick up a pencil and a piece of paper – there’s no time like the present to begin illustrating!
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