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When you want to create marketing copy of any kind, why settle for the same old black and white look? Marketing materials really stand out when they are printed on colorful paper. The same is true for any business cards, brochures, posters, or other printable items that you want to create. Hiring an artist to create a caricature or unique logo is the best way to ensure that your company or party stands out. Vincent Yee is a Seattle-based artist who draws and designs original artwork. To vide his amazing cartoon sketches and other work, visit more info >>
I am Rodney Pike. Most people in the art world who know who I am know that I go by rwpike at many of online portfolios and web sites. I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My work is a bit different than your average photo manipulator. I do all sorts of photo manipulation but photo-manipulated caricatures; political satire and caricature illustration is really where I’m at right now. I specialize in photo-manipulated caricatured illustrations perfect for magazines, books, posters etc. I also do caricature portraits. I have done and am accepting commissions. My clients include companies such as FHM Men's Magazine and The Moore Org. I am a proud member of the ISCA. more info >>
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My name is Steve Roberts and I am a freelance artist/illustrator specializing in caricatures. I have been running a gift caricature service, working from photographs, for the last two years and I have recently progressed into caricature illustration. Working in the digital medium I possess a natural ability to manipulate the features of the face yet maintain a remarkable likeness.My caricature artwork is of the highest standard and I may be just be what you or your company are looking for; whether it be an individual gift commission or illustration work so please check out my website (and blog) and don't hesitate to contact me with any enquiries. more info >>
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