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Attending an art gallery used to mean dressing up, jetting to a posh part of town, and viewing pricy paintings. Today, the Internet has changed the way that the world looks at art galleries. While brick and mortar galleries still exist, online art galleries have become immensely popular. Nearly every kind of art can be purchased through an online gallery. Paintings are the most popular type of online art gallery purchase, though sculptures, wood crafts, and many other types of art can also be purchased online. As with anything else that you buy from an Internet retailer, it’s important to know who you’re dealing with when shopping at an online art gallery. Most gallery items are worth a fair deal of money, which is why you should only buy from reputable galleries. Dealing locally is a great way to ensure a safe transaction. Another way to find a reliable gallery is to conduct a bit of research. You can also find galleries that you can trust by looking through our Arts and Online Galleries Directory. On our site you’ll find plenty of information about online galleries including galleries that sell the exact type of art you’re looking for. Online galleries bring art closer to you by allowing you to select pieces from the comfort of your own home. When you want to buy a piece of art, don’t look anywhere else. Our Arts and Online Galleries Directory has all the information you need to purchase a worthwhile piece of magnificent art.
Dreams come and go. Some dreams stick with you for a lifetime. Other dreams are easily forgotten. Yet, there’s always something wonderful about the thought of spending time dreaming. If you enjoy the dream world, consider purchasing artwork that resembles dreams. When you visit my website, you will find dreams as I see them. Float away like a butterfly or visit a field where angels play – you’ll discover all kinds of dreamlike artwork on my site. Come and visit, stay awhile, and find the piece of art that really speaks to you. more info >>
Scotland Oils is made up of a husband and wife art team out of Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Their love for the arts and painting led them to open an online gallery store. In 2007 the team decided to bring their art to the world. The impeccable art they create is inspired by Scottish culture and landscapes. Offering hundreds of paintings of all things Scotland, we are sure to have a masterpiece for your home or office. Many people love to have and know their geneaology. Bring your heritage back from the past with our in-depth creation of your ancestry from our outstanding commissions. Resources to international paintings from up and coming artists are also available. With an eye for detail, we are sure to immortalize what your art forever. more info >>
Atelier Yoyita, classical realism, offers a contemporary approach to art with the techniques of the old masters more info >>
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