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The last few centuries have seen an influx of academics and scholars focused on the humanities. As we grow in our scientific knowledge of the world it continues to pose more and more questions about the human condition and why we are the way we are. Whether it is literature, language, law, history, philosophy or religion we want to fully understand the importance of each and how they make us each into people that view the world differently. Humanists are people that see there is more to the world than simply science and statistics and understand the greater powers at be that help structure our friends, family, politics and society. Understanding the importance of learning about the humanities to better understand yourself is a fundamental way of thinking and has continued to grow as a discipline. In our directory on the humanities we will offer up information on each category considered one of the humanities as well as links to famous humanists and experts in the field. You will also find links and resources that help explain the importance of each discipline and why they are necessary in forming the way we perceive the world. You will realize the importance of anthropology, psychology and even ways of communication that were formed based on factors not under immediate control by humans. Our directory will turn you into an expert on the humanities and help you understand their importance to everyday life.
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