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An organization consists of a group of people who share a common goal. Anyone can create an organization. All you have to do is find a cause, find people who believe in the same cause, and start a monthly meeting group. Some organizations collect money while others accept only donations. Non-profit organizations use the funds that are gained towards certain goals. For-profit organizations distribute funds evenly amongst group members, shareholders, and in order to further a cause. Throughout the world, many different types of organizations exist. Some very large organizations are known worldwide. Smaller organizations may only have a few members. If you are looking for an organization to join, take a look around your current city or town. You will find that many organizations exist, and almost all organizations can use extra members who contribute in different ways.
We collect and publish information about organizations on our website. In our Organizations Directory, you will find details and links about organizations of all kinds. Organizations have been around for centuries, and many of the same groups still exist today. Some of these groups are private and secret, while others are open to the general public. If you want to join a private group, you will probably have to gain sponsorship through another group member. Anyone can join a public group, so go ahead and sign up for an organization that you are interested in. Start or join an organization today, and discover various other people who share your deepest beliefs.
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