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Traditionally, architecture has referred to the art and science of building and designing structures, from residential homes and office buildings to outdoor spaces and works of art. Because of the significance of architects and architecture in the ancient and modern world, the term architecture is applied more broadly, referring to any practice wherein materials, light and shadow, technology and creativity converge to create spaces or objects that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. As an art, profession, study and cultural touchstone, architecture is multidisciplinary by nature, encompassing elements of design, construction, environmentalism, ergonomics, history, physics, urban planning and sociology.
So, what can one expect to find in an Architecture directory with this in mind? Quite a bit. Our Architecture Directory is included as part of our Arts Directory, but the resources, websites and articles you’ll find here speak to the wider scope of all things architecture. By browsing through the listings in our Architecture Directory, you can begin exploring all the facets of the art and science of architecture and gain a wider appreciation for this profession and field of study. And as the role of architecture in modern society grows, so too will our Architecture Directory. From interior design and landscape to preservation and building materials, all things pertinent to creating beauty, functionality and civic service through architecture have a home here in our Architecture Directory.
Take time to browse through the trusted websites and resources we’ve included. And if you have a great architecture website, go ahead and submit it and we’ll consider it for inclusion here in our Architecture Directory.
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