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The education of the arts is the reason why we have such amazing forms of dance, drama, photography, video, music, graphic design and writing today. Without the education of the arts there would not be amazingly talented individuals growing up empowered to write creative prose, make feature length videos independently, put together a garage band or take amazing photos that transcend time and space. Arts and education work together masterfully as a way to bring out the creative juices of any student or professional and their partnership is what helps generate the artists of tomorrow. Unfortunately, the arts can sometimes be treated as extracurricular in elementary, middle and high schools and their exclusion can hurt creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking in other facets of school and life. Our directory on arts education will make sure you are not one of the people that take the importance of this type of learning lightly. We will provide links to information that covers each form of the arts in explicit detail and even showcase schools and universities that are showcasing their arts education in a way that has produced groundbreaking work. We will even point to stars in music, movies, television and theatre and let you know where they were educated and why arts education was so important in making them who they are. Our directory will make sure to inform you on everything that has to do with arts education and make sure you leave as an expert on the topic.
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