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Premium, live guitar instruction using a high speed internet connection and webcam. Learn guitar from a industry professional, with over 25 years of experience in the comfort of your own home. I specialize in beginning/intermediate guitar instruction where a focus is on fundamentals. He or she will learn how to read basic notation, tab, and eventually more advanced technique, like scales, modes and barre chords. Curicculum is self-paced, and based on a series of books that allow the student to have a reference guide and measuring stick of their progress. Online instruction/distance learning, is gaining in popularity across the board, as technology is now progressed enough to provide high-quality video connection and interaction. I use a free service provided by Skype ( to facilitate the video call. Please refer to my website for more details. more info >>
Piano Lessons in Pasadena by Lee Music School
Lee Music School is a place where you can learn playing piano, Flute, Violin, Guitar as well as other musical instruments up to professional standard. School was founded in 2009 by Donna Lee a great Pianist. Lee Music School is equipped with music software to learn and write music and performance improving techniques. Here you can learn Play classical, jazz, movie theme and most popular songs. Instructors are committed to the designing an enjoyable, integrated and comprehensive curriculum to promote growth in the student's chosen instrument and making inspiration for each student to develop a life-long appreciation and love for music. more info >>
Accordion is a classic and traditional musical instrument. If you wish to learn playing accordion, and you stay in New York City area, than it is best option to learn it from an online accordion classes from the comfort of your home. These Online lessons are taught using SKYPE and it save your time and money spends in the traveling in between busy traffic of New York. You can use this saved whatever possible time in core learning. To take these online lessons you must have your own accordion. You also have an option to buy a brand new or an old used accordion. more info >>
Guitar Lessons in London with friendly local guitar teachers. London's top guitar school, we teach guitar to all ages, abilities and styles. London Guitar Academy always try and make music lessons fun and exhilarating. Whether you're a beginner wanting to play a few of your favourite tunes, or you've been playing for years and aim to perfect your technique and improvisational vocabulary, whatever it is, we can help you get there. You will get plenty of personal feedback on your guitar playing and progress. If you do not know what your goals are, Guitar Lessons London will help you figure them out. more info >>
At Skype A Lesson we offer online music, art and technology lessons at affordable prices from highly qualified teachers. This is the main reason why we have been in business over 20 years. We also offer free instructional videos and informative articles. Our teachers all have degrees in there fields and years of experience playing and teaching their instrument. All of our lessons are taught using only the highest quality equipment to guarantee your lesson is in HD video and audio. We have incredibly fast internet here at our office and all of our teachers teach from our central location to guarantee you never get a lesson from someones home. Please visit our website for more information. more info >>
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