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Urban Edge Workshops
Urban Edge Workshops provide quality creative arts workshops including sports, dance, media, music and art. Our experienced urban workshop tutors run effective workshops aiming to teach, develop and achieve. We offer services including standard day workshops, corporate team building workshops, workshop packages for complete projects and courses in specific art forms. All workshop tutors are CRB checked and have public liability insurance where required. Our day workshops include breakdance, streetdance, popping and locking, krump, music production, emcee / rap, DJ, song writing, beat box, street basketball, football freestyle, fashion design, T-Shirt printing, graffiti art, photography and filming. We have been delivering our workshops to youth organisations, schools, corporate companies and other organisations for over 7 years and see it vital that we maintain our high standards when it comes to providing our clients with quality tuition and an overall smooth booking experience. more info >>
Project Levi
In the Philippines, one of every 8 Filipino youth does not attend school, especially college, for a couple of lame reasons. But the most common that you might hear if you’re going to ask them is high cost of education which eventually will lead to poverty. People say that Filipinos are naturally talented when we talk about music. Filipino youths in the 21st Century grew up in an atmosphere of various musical influences no wonder why you can see a typical high school kid playing the guitar like a real pro or as young as a 4 year-old gal singing like she’s been singing while still in her mother’s womb. What I’m trying to point out here is that I see a great way of helping these guys out live their lives the way God desired for it to be. We can send them to school to school, help them reach their dreams, and at the same time train them as God-fearing individuals who will eventually find their purpose of existence as worshippers of God. Project Levi is designed to make the musically talented Filipino youth both intellectually and spiritually excellent just like the Levites in the Bible. more info >>
While selecting a preschool for your child, there are numerous factors that you must keep in your mind. You must pay attention to academics, prospectus, the length of day, cost, teacher training, and more, so your child gets the most out of his first classroom understanding. Finding the right school for your child is an individual decision. What you think is right for you may not be right for your best friend. It is like searching the perfect mate or home. You might not be able to define what you want, earlier you find it, but when you do, you know its right! more info >>
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