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It’s difficult to say who invented the first comic. Cavemen drew funny pictures on cave walls, and these pictures constitute a comic of sorts. Many great illustrators have drawn famous comics, and these comics are hard to forget. You may even have a comic strip of your own that you enjoy working on whenever you get a chance. There are many different definitions of the word “comic.” Some people believe that comics have to be funny in order to be considered comics at all, while other people include dramatically drawn cartoons to be comics. The true definition of comic is largely up to you, which is why so many different types of comics exist. The important thing is finding a comic that you can relate to. Even though few people can perform the same tasks that Spiderman does, this comic figure appeals to many people from all walks of life. If you aren’t familiar with any comics, picking up a comic or two will help you become acquainted with this type of art. You’ll find many different comic links in our Arts and Comics Directory that will help you find out all about comics. You’ll even find out where to purchase comics for the cartoon fan in your life. From comic memorabilia to modern comics, our directory has been built with comic fans in mind. By taking a look around, you will quickly discover that our directory is hard to beat when it comes to everything comic related.
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