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Beauty in the natural or civilized world is easy to spot—but capturing those majestic landscapes, breathtaking scenes and those rare candid moments takes talent and an artistic eye. That’s photography in a nutshell. Photographers recognize moments of uncommon poignancy, terror or serenity, frame them, freeze them and present them to the world. Whether it’s a wedding portrait or a snapshot of a political rally, communicating the essence of a three dimensional, sensory atmosphere in a static medium is perhaps one of the most enduring art forms in our society.
Photography as an art and a trade is interesting and complex because it melds technical skill with artistic vision. This is especially true in this day and age of digital cameras and photo editing software. There are, of course, old souls who resist the tide of technological progress, preferring vintage Polaroids and red-tinged dark rooms over digital SLRs and digital photo printers. But no matter how you approach the art and science of photography, there’s a great deal to learn in terms of technique and style.
Our Photography subcategory of our Arts directory is dedicated to helping amateur shutterbugs and professional photographers alike hone their craft. From photography books and contents to camera equipment and services, we hope you’ll find the links and resources in our Photography directory a handy reference as you continue to pursue the noble art of photography. Take time to explore the websites and articles we’ve included here and deepen your knowledge of photography.
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